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Stores that sell Acer products
Hardware Aberdeen: Custom computer systems and peripherals, as well as a wide variety of components.  This store sells Acer products.

Consumer Electronics Circuit City: TV, video, audio, MP3, PC's, cameras, home office, movies, music and more.  Acer branded goods sold here.

Computers Comp-U-Plus: Computer hardware, software, and peripherals.  A seller of Acer products.

Computers CompUSA: General computer products.  Acer goods sold here.

Computers Name brand computer products.  A seller of Acer merchandise.

Computers Computer Discount Warehouse: Computer hardware and software.  This merchant sells Acer products.

Computers Cyberian Outpost, Inc.: Hardware and software.  This store sells Acer merchandise.

Department Stores JCPenney: Men's and women's clothing.  This merchant sells Acer goods.

Department Stores Kmart discount retail.  Acer branded merchandise sold here.
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Hardware KREX Computers: Computer hardware. They also buy used memory and CPU chips.  Acer products sold here.

Hardware Lone Star PC Sound: Wholesale computer hardware for your PC or Mac including multimedia speakers, sound and video cards, monitors, printers, scanners, digital cameras, joysticks, and palm pilots.  A seller of Acer goods.

Peripherals Mr. Ink Man: Toner and inkjet printer cartridges.  This merchant sells Acer merchandise.

Department Stores Sears: Department store.  Acer branded products sold here.

Department Stores Spiegel: Department store.  This store sells Acer goods.

Hardware Super Warehouse: Full line of printer products and accessories.  Acer merchandise sold here.

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