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Stores that sell Amperex products
Vacuum Tubes Advantage Tube Services, Inc.: Super premium select grade vacuum tubes for the audiophile and hobbiest. Over 1500 types available. Low noise matched sets.  This store sells Amperex products.

Vacuum Tubes Radio Electric Supply: Vacuum tubes from major manufacturers. Tubes are new and in original box.  Amperex branded goods sold here.

Vacuum Tubes Vacuum tubes for your home stereo or guitar amplifier.  A seller of Amperex products.

Vacuum Tubes Tube World, Inc.: Your one-stop source for thousands of vacuum tube types.  Amperex goods sold here.

Vacuum Tubes Vacuum Tubes, Inc.: Worldwide seller of vacuum tubes for the hobbyist and industry. We also stock antique, audio, and collectible tubes plus tube literature.  A seller of Amperex merchandise.

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